Cardboard FSDU Displays!

Check out our recent FSDU projects! Whether you need dump bins, an FSDU or any other point of sale display, we are here to help create the perfect cardboard display! [easy-image-collage id=917] Kenton offers a professional service for all Point … Continued

Free Standing Display Units. Our FSDUs deliver results in store!

[easy-image-collage id=882] Free-standing display units (FSDUs) are standalone off shelf displays, holding products from which a consumer will shop, and are used in retail environments. A free standing display unit (FSDU) should be a part of every marketer’s armoury. Free … Continued

FSDU – Floor Standing Display Units

Campaign POS including posters, header cards, hanging signs, track inserts, wobblers and stickers all collated packed and despatched to your specification. Kenton Instore despatch to you specifications. Kenton Instore despatch large volumes of POS every week nationwide! [easy-image-collage id=856] Free-standing … Continued

Cosmetics Point of Sale FSDU

  BESPOKE CARBOARD DISPLAYS  FSDUs AND POINT-OF-SALE Check out this awesome Maybelline One on One Floor Standing Display! Made from Cardboard and acrylic its cost effective and semi permanent! There’s plenty product space and a large area for artwork to catch … Continued

Cosmetics Countertop Display Units

THIS WEEK AT KENTONS… Check out the countertop display units we produced for LeKeux Cosmetics! Our awesome displays will hold LeKeux beautifully packaged cosmetics and dual end make-up brushes! [easy-image-collage id=843] Cardboard counter top units, Point-of-Sale, Display Stands, Presentation Boxes, Charity Boxes … Continued

Cardboard FSDU Display Manufacturers

We are one of the largest FSDU display manufacturers in the UK. We Supply cardboard display, point of sale and large format print to all the major retailers and supermarkets in the UK and abroad.   [easy-image-collage id=836] Take a … Continued

Cardboard FSDUs / Dump Bins Displays

  Cardboard FSDU   Cardboard point-of-sale displays such as FSDUs, countertop displays and pallet displays are excellent ways to make your product stand out in store.   [easy-image-collage id=826]   During busy selling seasons, shelf space is at a premium and product … Continued