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  1. Jill Vaudin

    Looking for 4 display units to sell fundraising souvenirs from. The Little Chapel Foundation in Guernsey has produced a mixed range of gifts they wish to sell. Your standard 4 shelf with header card and scalloped edges or your standard shelf wit 4 euro hooks might work. Open to suggestions.

    Please advise the costs involved with purchasing 4 plain units, shipping direct to Guernsey or into Portsmouth to our freight shippers Ferryspeed. How much for personalised printing, do you supply a key line if we supply the artwork or do you do that in house?

    Kind regards


  2. Adam

    I’m looking to buy 6 newspaper display stands. I really without Etc printed on too. Can you help

  3. Junior Megaw


    Im self employed in retail sales in Northern Ireland and I also bring in some kids books. So was Looking for a FSDU with about 15 pockets to display kids novels on. Looking price for 20 FSDU’s to see how they would go.

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