Cardboard FSDU Displays

Point of sale displays such as FSDU (free standing display units) and CDUs (Counter top units) are clever and cost effective ways of getting your product to stand out in store!

POS in store

Any Size, Any shape, Any colour!

Printed point of sale (POS) still packs a punch!

A recent study showed that 72% of new product awareness is driven by in-store activity such as POS. It lays a vital role in the overall marketing mix; research suggests that if you combine a 10% discount along with an in-store POS unit it will drive sales up to 120%!

The most important thing POS does is to differentiate a brand from its competitors; POS is a hugely important part of the marketing and packaging mix.


 There are more guidelines now from supermarkets around size, design and form of POS.

However, brands are still very much willing to spend big on POS and understand the value of standing out from competitors in store. This is particularly true for seasonal and new product launches when brands invest heavily in creative displays that use light, sound and movement as well as visuals!


Whether its an FSDU, Counter top display, Dumpbin or flat print such as posters, header cards and banners! We can help, get in touch today – 01216223071 or email us at

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