FSDU & OFD Manufacturers

Kenton Instore specialise in manufacturing FSDU, ODFs, CDU, Dump Bins and Cardboard Display!

We take on a project from concept through delivery; designing and manufacturing all in house in Birmingham.

This week at Kenton Instore we’ve been busy creating more fantastic Cardboard OFDs and FSDUs that will soon be on display in all the major supermarkets and retailers nationwide!

A free-standing display unit or FSDU is a display unit dedicated to your product that is focused on highlighting a key product. They’re not constrained to a perimeter wall or other fixed display units and are a good flexible solution to use instore. They can either be provided by the brand or the retailer themselves.

Check out this weeks designs below:

Whether you need dump bins, an FSDU or any other point of sale display, we are here to help create the perfect cardboard display!

[easy-image-collage id=1065]

For more amazing POS solutions, FSDUs and much more visit our FSDUs page or contact us via info@kentoninstore.co.uk or give a call on 0121 622 3071

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