Correx Dump bins / FSDU displays

Free Standing Display Unit (FSDU) and Dump bins Kenton’s Cost Effective Point of Sale Display Solutions!   FSDUs Floor standing display units, FSDU’s, are a versatile and cost effective point of sale display solution. Kenton Instore have designed and printed … Continued

Halloween FSDU & CDU Cardboard Display

FSDU & CDU Cardboard Display: Retail POS Campaign! This week at Kenton Instore we’ve produced these awesome ( FSDU ) standing display units and (CTUs) counter top displays for Snazaroo! These will be distributed to hundreds of retails and supermarkets … Continued

Kenton Instore: Supplier of Cardboard FSDUs, Dump Bins, CDUs, Standees & Large Format Print.

  This week at Kenton we produced this awesome Pharmacy FSDU for Alphega to display a range of their products. This FSDU is one of our existing 4 shelf designs – We have a range of existing tools which allows … Continued

Point of Sale (POS) Display & Bespoke FSDUs

We are Point of Sale (POS) Display Manufacturers supermarkets and retailers We design and manufacture bespoke Point of Sale Display and Retail display. With over 50 years experience our large format print site has evolved into a design led manufacturer … Continued

Bespoke Cardboard Free-standing display units (FSDUs)

Drive your Sales with Kenton’s Amazing POS Solutions! Campaign POS including FSDUs, CDUs, Cardboard display, posters, header cards, hanging signs, track inserts, wobblers and stickers all collated packed and despatched to your specification. Kenton Instore despatch large volumes of POS … Continued

Retail / Supermarket Cardboard FSDU Displays from Kenton Instore

CARDBOARD FLOOR STANDING DISPLAYS FSDU’S, POS DISPLAY UNITS, SUPERMARKET OFDs / FSDUs [easy-image-collage id=1095] Digitally Printed and manufactured all in house at Kenton Instore! Our cardboard floor displays are fully printed onsite using UV cured ink to create maximum impact … Continued

FSDU :Free Standing Display Units

Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) are the perfect way to strengthen your brand, increase your sales, and obtain prime retail position in major supermarkets and retailers. Check out this Floor Standing Display Unit (FSDU) for Gardeners world magazines which can … Continued

FSDU & OFD Manufacturers

Kenton Instore specialise in manufacturing FSDU, ODFs, CDU, Dump Bins and Cardboard Display! We take on a project from concept through delivery; designing and manufacturing all in house in Birmingham. This week at Kenton Instore we’ve been busy creating more … Continued

FSDU Supplier for Tesco

Kenton Instore: FSDU Suppliers! Free-standing display units (FSDUs) are standalone off shelf displays, holding products from which a consumer will shop, and are used in retail environments to influence consumer buying patterns. [easy-image-collage id=1011]   Check out our recent FSDU … Continued

FSDU – Free-standing Display Units

Check out this awesome blog post I found on FSDUs Top tips to bring you success with Free-standing Display Units (FSDU) Whilst only a part of the retail design mix, free-standing display units (FSDUs) are a really valuable way of getting … Continued