Dump bin display units

Supermarket displays / POS, cardboard display, CDUs (counter top unit), cardboard dump bins and floor standing units (FSDU)

No matter the size of your product we can design a dump bin to suit!

Kenton Instore design and manufacture point of sale for all major supermarkets and retailers; UK and internationally. Send us your product dimensions and stock fill and we’ll design the perfect stand to display your products .

We design and manage the project from concept through to final production – constructing a perfect display units for all our customers.

[easy-image-collage id=1487]

This unit was printed using our digital press the Inca Onset s40i. Our latest investment into digital printing which can print on any substrate up to 2 inches thick and on its fastest setting can print up to 500 metres per hour!

This equipment allows us to produce the finest quality print at the most cost efficient price, which is great news for us and our customers!

For more amazing POS solutions, FSDUs and much more visit our FSDUs page or contact us via info@kentoninstore.co.uk

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