FSDUs: Design. Prototype. Create

Kenton Instore will take your POS project on board at design stage, producing 3D visuals followed by full sized prototypes for testing and approval. This gives you the confidence that the final product will always meet and exceed your expectations. … Continued

How to make your point-of-sale design POP!

Point-of-sale displays are placed near the checkouts in retail stores to feature products, with a view to getting people to buy on impulse. Although most people are convinced that supermarket/retail psychologists have been using point-of-sale displays and other sneaky techniques … Continued

5 types of point-of-sale displays for small retail businesses

[easy-image-collage id=528]   Creating an effective Point of Sale display is one of the most crucial areas of marketing for your retail business. Building a successful POS display in your shop calls for good timing, thoughtful positioning, the right design, … Continued

Why is Point-of-Sale Marketing Important?

  [easy-image-collage id=512] You’re waiting in line at the supermarket—and, as you’re not particularly interested in staring at the back of the customer in front of you, you glance around the line. The display of candy bars within immediate reach … Continued