5 types of point-of-sale displays for small retail businesses

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Creating an effective Point of Sale display is one of the most crucial areas of marketing for your retail business. Building a successful POS display in your shop calls for good timing, thoughtful positioning, the right design, and most importantly, the right message. So in a nutshell, if you consider the seasonal calendar, your store layout vs. footfall, the look and feel of your Point of Sale design, and your marketing copy, you have a good formula for effective, attention-grabbing POS displays that convert into sales.

But if you’re a small business with a modest marketing budget, how do you know which types of POS material to invest in? Here we look at 5 cost-effective types of in-store POS.

Read on to discover 5 economical Point of Sale solutions ideal for small retail businesses, or find out over at Business 2 Community how you can make you POS design stand out. Cost Effective POS: Top 5 Displays If your shop floor marketing budget is slim, it’s understandable to be hesitant when it comes spending money on displays. But here are 5 display units which are both economical and versatile.

  1. Dump Bins Display bins are extremely versatile making them a very cost-friendly option, one that can be used time and time again. Not only are they ideal for discount products, for till point incentives and all shop floor uses, but they are perfect for exhibitions, trade shows and events. Visit our Dumpbin product page to see a range of shop floor dump bins.
  2.  Countertop Units Extremely cost effective, these small countertop units are designed for till point sales. Fast moving consumables such as small toiletry items, beauty items or food could be the perfect counter top products to display.
  3. Free Standing Display Units Free standing display units are suitable for products that you want to draw attention to. Stocking a new brand of makeup? Selling the latest music CD releases? Whatever the reason for bringing attention to a particular product, a FSDU is a fantastic platform for doing so.
  4. Pallet Displays Pallet displays are fantastic for popular, fast-moving products. By using a pallet display, you can highlight key products quickly to all store visitors, making it easier for them to find.
  5. POS Wobblers Point of Sales wobblers are extremely cheap yet very effective. They are the signs which help shoppers make last minute buying decisions. Wobblers are placed on shop shelves or on product displays, making products pop out. Use wobblers to create discount messages or other USPs which may persuade a shopper to purchase. –

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