Cardboard FSDUs / OFDs and point of sale displays

We are specialists in the design and production of printed point of sale display, a cross an array of materials from cardboard, acrylic, PVC, Foamex, correx and even metal and MDF!

Our service is designed to take your project on from design stage and transform it into an eye catching point of sale display to boost your sales!

We design, prototype and manufacture all in house at our site in Birmingham.


Our POS & Cardboard Displays

Countertop Display Units (CDUs) and Counter Point of Sale Displays

We can custom design a counter point of sale unit to suit any product! From cosmetics to confectionery. Check out some of our recent designs; from simple cardboard displays such as a tray with header to tiered counter point of sale

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Dump Bins, Recycling Bins & Pallet Shipper Point of Sale Displays

Dump bin point of sale displays are a space effective way of displaying your products. We can design and manufacture any size or shape of dump bin.

Dump bins are the best POS cardboard display for selling quick moving stock & promotional stock. We also have a huge range of dumpbins for magazine and book displays!

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Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) and Floor Standing Point of Sale Displays

Floor standing point of sale displays (FSDUs) are fabulous ways to display your product in a retail environment. Free standing display units (FSDUs) stand out in store so much because of their vibrant branding, they are designed to show off your product!

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Leaflet Dispensers & Magazine Dispensers

Leaflet dispensers in any size, colour and design! Perfect for leaflets, fliers or magazines. They are cost effective and perfect for a counter top area. Our displays are easy to assemble and excellent print finish.

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