Kenton FSDUs Amazing quality digital print!

Kenton Instore with over 50 years of point of sale print experience. Evolving from our core screen printing business in to a world class provider of point of sale advertising for the retail environment.   We Specialise in Free standing … Continued

Christmas FSDUs & Point of Sale at Kentons

[easy-image-collage id=621] Here at Kenton we product high quality Christmas themed graphics for window and in store displays. From self cling window messages to posters, FSDUs, counter top displays, cardboard displays, banners and more. We can provide bespoke Christmas Point … Continued

10 Point Of Sale Display Design Tips

Point-of-sale displays are popular marketing devices for a variety of products, and specialising in point-of-sale display design that helps companies market their products and increase sales can be a lucrative niche for graphic designers. The following 10 tips will help … Continued

Point-of-Sale = Cost Effective Instore Advertising!

Cardboard displays are one of the most cost effective instore advertising mediums. For as little as £8 per cardboard display, you can get your product noticed and bought.  Cardboard displays can be produced in many custom point of sale display … Continued

Kenton’s Cost Effective Point of Sale Display Solutions.

Free Standing Display Unit Floor standing display units, FSDU’s, are a versatile and cost effective point of sale display solution. Kenton Instore have designed and printed thousands of different bespoke units for our customers. Our unrivalled experience in the manufacture … Continued

The World of Point of Purchase

In the world of point of purchase, cardboard signage has always been the preferred method of communication, but is digital media changing this and expanding the possibilities? [easy-image-collage id=576] On the face of it, point of purchase marketing should be … Continued

Drive your Sales with Kenton’s Amazing POS Solutions!

POINT OF SALE.   [easy-image-collage id=566]   Campaign POS including posters, header cards, hanging signs, track inserts, wobblers and stickers all collated packed and despatched to your specification. Kenton Instore despatch to you specifications. Kenton Instore despatch large volumes of … Continued

Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs)

  [easy-image-collage id=573] Free-standing display units (FSDUs) are standalone off shelf displays, holding products from which a consumer will shop, and are used in retail environments to influence consumer buying patterns. FSDUs are designed to increase product visibility and maximise … Continued


The counter top is a powerful point of sale display area for influencing buyer behaviour. [easy-image-collage id=548] Maximizing this limited point of sale space is always a challenge. Kenton Instore continues to produce innovative bespoke designs to utilise this valuable … Continued